Low Cost Cremation Services

Fallis-Shields Funeral Homes offers Basic Traditions; low cost cremation services. Our low cost cremation service includes everything needed and there is nothing additional required. Our complete cost breakdown is below.

Professional & Staff Services
$ 715.00
Coordinating activities, rites, ceremonies. Professional consultation with licensed personnel, including, but not limited to, expert advice on options to meet your needs. Coordination of transfer of the deceased and transportation to the crematorium, before, during, and after they have been provided, including services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers. 24 Hour Licensed funeral director availability and telephone monitoring.
$ 225.00
Permits, forms, etc. Completion and filing of all documents necessary to carry out the services and supplies requested, including, death registration, burial permit, coroner's certificate for cremation, Provision of 11 Proofs of Death issued by Fallis & Shields Funeral Home Inc (our proofs of death are usually accepted for most estate settlement purposes, but sometimes a provincial "Death Certificate" will be necessary and is available from the Office of the Registrar General), completion and submission of all CPP documentation and return of the Ontario Health card.

Initial Transfer from place of Death

Transfer to the Crematorium


$ 315.00

$ 195.00

Initial or additional (within 100km; additional fees apply beyond 100km). Transportation of the remains from the place of death to Fallis & Shields Funeral Home Inc, from Fallis & Shields Funeral Home Inc to the cemetery or crematorium, a charge applies for each transportation request using a specially equipped unmarked service vehicle.

Basic Facilities/Shelter

Basic preparation of remains


$ 310.00

$ 120.00

The placement of the body into a cremation container or casket if otherwise selected from what is included in this package.
Basic Cremation Container
$ 120.00
Victoriaville - fibreboard cremation container (suitable for up to 175 lbs)
                                                                                                                                                              HST on supplies and services  $ 130.00
Includes placement of obituary on our website as provided to us.
                                                                              No Charge

Package Discount                      - $ 1000.00

These are costs beyond our control and subject to change. If you have a preference of crematorium or have a pre paid cremation fee with a cemetery - we can accommodate your wishes.
Coroner Fee                                                                                      $   75.00
Municipal Registration                                                                 $   25.00
Cremation Fee     
$ 598.90 
(HIghland Park Crematorium - Peterborough)                                                                    
HST included in all disbursements       
All Inclusive Total
$ 1,828.90

These services are offered within 100 kms of Millbrook including, Peterborough, Northumberland, Durham Region, City of Kawartha Lakes, G.T.A., Belleville, Quinte and Prince Edward County. All other areas may be subject to a mileage charge of up to $2.50 per km beyond the first 100 kms one way. Transfer of Arrangements are welcome.