Celebration Of Life Resources

Fallis & Shields Funeral Home believes in and promotes the celebration of life.  By keeping our facilities modest we are able to and promote working with local organizations in your community.  These venues are available to accomodate Celebration of Life Gatherings, Funerals and Receptions.

Our funeral planners will help you arrange any type of service you wish.  We will work with venues to provide these services locally.  We will arrange for a venue to hold a Celebration of Life, Funeral Service or Reception that is local and will save you money. In addition to our funeral home services, we will arrange for you:



Clergy or Funeral Celebrant

Hostess, Door greeter and Staff to accept and assist with memorial donations

Over the past several years we have worked with many families who have been more than pleased with the arrangements that we have provided  at approximatley half the cost of other funeral providers. 

Millbrook Venues

Fallis & Shields Funeral Home

(705) 932-5300

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 402
*Catering On Site

(705) 932-2837

Lions Community Centre

(705) 944-5393

Centennial Place Nursing Home
(if a resident)
*Catering On Site

(705) 932-4464

Millbrook Catering

The Pastry Peddler

(705) 932-7333

Millbrook Foodland

(705) 932-2139

Cavan Venues

Monaghan Community Centre

(705) 932-2911

Baxter Creek Golf & Country Club
*Catering On Site

(705) 932-8888

Peterborough Venues

Best Western Inn
*Catering On Site 

(705) 742-3454

Evinrude Centre 

(705) 876-8121

Peterborough Golf & Country Club
*Catering On Site

(705) 743-5010

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 52
*Catering On Site

(705) 745-6361

Peterborough Catering

Cheese Shop

(705) 745-9221

Franz Butcher Shop & Catering

(705) 742-8888

BE Catering

(705) 750-1265

Sobey's Peterborough

(705) 748-5655

Cobourg Venues

Best Western Inn

(905) 372-2105

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 133
*Catering On Site

(905) 372-2231

Columbus Community Centre
*Catering On Site

(905) 372-2991

The Mill 
*Catering On Site

(905) 377-8177

Legion Village

(905) 372-8705

Lions Community Centre

(905) 372-6217

Grafton Venues

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 580
*Catering On Site

(905) 349-2148