Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

Basic Traditions is a division of Fallis-Shields Funeral Homes Inc. located in Millbrook Ontario. Our central location is unique in that we can be in Toronto or the Kingston area within the hour, along with reaching North into Bancroft and South into the Northumberlands just as quickly.

As required by Provincial Law - We are legislated by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.  This ensures strict consumer protection and that the families we serve are protected from any type of scam, inappropriate behavior, poor ethics or business practices. Rest assured, you as the purchaser of this service are completely protected by a board whose mandate is the protection of the public.

You will always meet with an Ontario licenced funeral director.  Someone with the appropriate training and is not a commissioned sales agent.

Why Do We Offer This Service?

Many funeral providers offer a low cost option. Many offer "alternatives" or "Simple Plans" or "Dignified Plans", but does anyone offer these options without commissioned sales pressure or fancy gimmicks ?

That's where we are different. To be honest and up front, we offer this service Ontario wide with a simple step by step procedure to the filling out of forms and commencing the process. This combined with volume allows our firm to provide this service at the lowest cost possible with no sales pressure or gimmicks! With your support, we can continue to offer this service at the lowest possible cost, guaranteed.

We believe that your loved ones estate is something that he or she has worked hard for. Value it - don't pay high prices for funeral services that may ease the many immediate feelings of grief, but in the long run create a financial burden on the survivor.

Remembrance of a loved one is something we regard as personal and unique to each individual. Part of the journey to healing after the loss of a loved one is remembering. We encourage the families we serve to celebrate the life of a loved one. This can be done in many ways. Perhaps a memorial service by the lake, a memorial hockey tournament, a celebration at the cottage, a memorial golf game or a simple gathering at your church, backyard or other venue.

There are many venues available to host a memorial gathering or a celebration of life. Are you or was your loved one a member of : The Legion, The Lions, A Golf or Curling Club ? There are many clubs and associations to think of, all of which may have facilities to host a venue in honor of a life lived. This can all be done with or without the cremated remains present at the ceremony. Best of all - this can all be simply arranged by you, saving you thousands of dollars. Now doesn't that make sense.

Burial VS Cremation? We understand that certain people have a preference when it comes to the decision of cremation versus burial and we respect those wishes. We do offer direct simple and environmental options for those who wish burial. However it is difficult to quote a specific price for burial due to the fact that fees vary from cemetery to cemetery. However the general pricing guide for our cremation option would remain the same.

Integrity - we want to provide a service that respects your wishes. We want to support your decision to simplify final wishes. We want to create an environment that is free of high pressure sales tactics, gimmicks, and guilt pressure. We are committed to ensuring our values never change and that the Basic Traditions Option will become a tradition for many families for years to come.

What if I am not near your Location?

Location does not matter. Our license is to serve the Province of Ontario.
In order to cover logistic expenses, we do charge mileage outside a certain area. Even with this mileage charge and depending on your area, we believe that our bottom line price will still remain lower than most funeral providers. In addition you will receive no high pressure sales tactics or be persuaded into spending money on unnecessary funeral items or merchandise. No matter where you are located, the forms are the same, the requirements for cremation or burial are the same, however there is only one Basic Traditions Option.

Can I Pre Arrange and Pre Pay This Option?

Yes! Pre payment is easy - You simply follow the same instructions for either an at need service or a pre arrangement. We accept Visa and Mastercard along with personal cheque as payment for arrangements. Our simple step by step program will guide you quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. Before you know it, you will have done one of the greatest acts of kindness you can ever do for a loved one, relieving them of the burden and stress of making your final arrangements at the time of need. Simply click on the "I want to Pre Arrange My Funeral" on our home page.  We can meet here at the funeral home or in the comfort of your home.  If meeting in person is not possible, then we can send you a complete package for your review. Once you are satisfied with our contract simply sign it and mail it back to us along with your payment. Funds are then immediately invested and protected.

I Travel, what happens?

For our customers who have plans to travel in the near of far future who are intending to pre-arrange we offer the Travel Assistance Plan.

This plan ensures that all costs and details are covered, even when death occurs outside of the country.

More details can be found on the site, underneath Travel Assistance Plan.

Is my Money Safe?

Yes! The money you use to pre pay your Basic Traditions Option is not the property of the Fallis & Shields Funeral Home Inc. Your money is invested with a third party provider and is completed protected from bankruptcy or insolvences.

This money is invested on your behalf in the amount of the funeral contract. This money is held in trust until the time of need. In the event of a shortfall of funds, your funeral is 100% guaranteed and you will never pay any more for the services that are listed on the contract. (Additional services if required or requested at the time of need would be subject to charges at the current rates.) In the event there is an excess in funds, the estate is completely reimbursed for the difference. You are entitled to enquire at any time as to the amount with interest being held in trust or in an insurance annuity, on your behalf. You will receive adequate documentation as proof these funds have been invested.

Transferring of these arrangements is easily done. If at any time you wish to cancel or transfer your arrangements for what ever reason, you are entitled to do so and will not be harassed or bullied into keeping your arrangements with our firm. Under Provincial Legislation we do reserve the right to withhold up to a maximum of $ 350.00 upon transfer or cancellation to cover administration costs. We cannot also guarantee that any other funeral service provider will honor our contract price. However your money is fully refunded with tax implications only pertaining to the interest portion of the investment.

Are there any Government Benefits?

Yes! There is a Canada Pension Death Benefit that is available to all Canadians who have worked in Canada and paid into the Canada Pension Fund. Generally this benefit is aproximatley six times the monthly amount you are receiving or would receive in C.P.P. to a maximum of $ 2,500.00. There are also "Survivor Benefits" available

Is Embalming Necessary?

Embalming is the temporary preservation and restoration of the human body. Although most funeral providers encourage embalming when there is to be public viewing of the remains it is not required. As a licensed funeral establishment in the Province of Ontario, we do offer embalming but unless under certain circumstances for the Basic Traditions Option, it is not necessary.

When are you available?

We are available to you 24 hours, day or night. Please call us any time at 1-877-982-5300. A funeral director is always on call.

How Does This Work?

If a death has occurred, please call.

For pre arranging it is always best to call and talk with us directly.  If you choose, return to our main menu and simply click away. Choose the appropriate menu option and the system will guide you through the process. If at any time you need to speak with us directly, please call us at 1-877-982-5300. Information can be obtained via this system or by calling us on our toll free line, a funeral director can guide you through the process step by step. What ever is most comfortable for you. Once we have received the information required, and if payment arrangements are requested, we will commence the process.

When a death has occurred - We will then make the transfer from the place of death * Complete, file and register all necessary documents and permits* Transfer to the crematorium * make arrangements to return to you, or make appropriate final arrangements for the cremated remains.  the cremated remains may be placed in either the basic container or an urn you have selected. We will assist you in the completing of all the required government forms including all C.P.P. forms, Death Certificates and Cancellation of Heath Card.

- In the Case of Pre Arrangement - Once all necessary contracts, information, forms and payment are received - we will send you your contract ( one copy to sign and return to us by mail) , certificate of investment and an information package. This process can take up to 4 weeks, once everything has been received.