Obituary of ARMSTRONG, Lloyd Ebert

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Armstrong, Lloyd Ebert – Unexpectedly, while at home on Friday, August 21, 2015 at the young age of 72. Survived by his wife Donna. Dear and loving father to Robert (Diana), Edward and the late David. Fondly remembered by Donna’s 2 sons, Shane and Lee. Proud grandfather of Jacob (Emma), Joshua and Cassidy. Great-grandfather of Caleb. Lloyd is also survived by his sister Anne Willan of Fraserville, ON. Lloyd will be greatly missed by all who knew him, and whose lives he touched in various ways.

Service Information

A Celebration of Lloyd’s Life will take place at the Millbrook Christian Assembly (71 King St. W., Millbrook) on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 3p.m. with prior visitation from 12p.m. until 2:30p.m. In lieu of flowers and in memory of Lloyd, please consider supporting your local musicians as they carry on a tradition which grew to become a passion of Lloyd’s. For online condolences, please visit


I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Lloyd's family on behalf of my Mom - Lloyd's Aunt Martha. We had such great times at the family get togethers with all of our fellow cousins. My greatest memory of Lloyd was when I was about 10 and he came to Whitby and picked me up in his Volkswagon Beatle and took me to Toronto and I had my first ride on the subway. He was very kind to come and visit Mom in the nursing home and brought along his guitar and played some music for her. We all have such great memories of all the great times we had at Aunt Bea and Uncle Jerry's home.

Helen Bremner Anderson

Our condolences to Lloyd's Family. Lloyd was such a dear friend to Dave and I, we will miss him terribly. But we are happy to know that Lloyd beat us to the wedding party in heaven with our Father. Our prayers are with you. God Bless!

Dave and Lisa Ferguson

It has been so saddening to hear of Lloyds passing. He will be greatly missed by his friends from Miracles through Christ. I thought of him as a good friend and a wonderful man of God. I am sure he will be singing with great joy in his new home in Heaven.

Ethel Lyons

Forever and always in our hearts, you will be truly missed.

Debbie & Matt Lupton

I sang with Lloyd at Street Reach on Sunday nights and we had a lot of fun singing together he is very sadly missed and we love him dearly

Ruth McCanna



GOD Bless Lloyd & His Family. Our Prayers & Thoughts are with ALL of You.

Rick & Mary Tennant & Family


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