Leonard Joseph Dooley

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The house is quiet. There is no music playing softly in the background, no news anchors sharing the news of the world from the TV, no click of movement from a wheel chair. Not more then two days ago we were left in silence. 

With silence comes thoughts, memories, tears, heart break, and relief. Isn't it crazy how so many emotions can flood over you in less then one full day?

My dad was a stubborn man, a smart man, an overbearing man, a loving man, a generous man, a man that could do whatever you needed him to do. He was the go to man. The strongest man most have ever met. He was a man that did not let his disease define him. He never let you down, he never let you forget he loved you. He scared the shit out of you, he believed in you, he let you fall but was there to pick you up. He was creative, funny, particular, and fought fearlessly. 

The house is quiet without you, but our thoughts are alive with you Dad. 

We are proud to be a part of you. 

Dad passed comforted and surrounded by the people he cherished most at Northumberland Hills Hospital. We would like to personally thank Ashley the RT, and Nurse Sara, RN who truly made dad feel safe in his times of need.

Dad leaves behind his baby mama, Henrietta, sister, Allison, son, Ralph (Marietta), Daughters (Lori, Kimberly, Andrea, Sara, Karen) his Grand children (Austin, Keeley, Nicholas, Malcom, Tatum, Wren). 

He left the world with the news that he would be expecting his seventh Grandchild. 

In lieu of flowers, please donate to http://www.muscle.ca

Sail Away Home Pappa Dukes #hidad #byedad


What a beautiful obituary. He was all of that and more. He was such a special man.

Earl and Johnene

Great guy and he will definitely be missed by anyone who truly knew him.

Ron Found

What a loving tribute to a very special man!

Sandra Dudley